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Zhang Ping Shui Xian (10g sachet) 漳平水仙 Zhang Ping Shui Xian (10g sachet) 漳平水仙

This light oxidation oolong comes to us from Zhang Ping, just outside of Anxi county.  This unusual paper-wrapped oolong claims to be the original low-oxidation oolong style.  It is produced by taking a single serving (~7 grams) of Shui Xian cultivar leaves and wrapping them in paper, then pressing them in a special wooden mold.  The mass of leaves oxidizes unevenly due to the low-oxygen drying conditions, resulting in a mass of mottled red-and-green leaves with a complex fragrance.  It is very similar to the Taiwanese Baozhong style oolongs, to which it is related - Bao Zhong 包種 means “wrapped kind”.  The resulting tea dries into a loose round pillow, and unwrapping it before consumption has become a ceremonial aspect of its presentation. Floral and fruity, this oolong is similar in character to other oolongs from the Anxi region though carries a unique hint of melon in its after-fragrance.

Price per gram: $5.00