West China Tea Company is a small-scale boutique importer of Chinese and Taiwanese teas specializing farm-direct and master-direct teas.  We acquire our teas directly at the source on our annual (sometimes twice annual) sourcing trips, where we explore both classic and celebrated teas as well as remote regions.  We started in 2012 when owner So-Han Fan returned from a 3-year sojourn in China.  We’ve focused so far on building Chinese tea culture in our home base of Austin, Texas, and due to a combination of being busy and digital illiteracy, haven’t really had much of a web presence until presently.  Well, we’re finally getting our website updated and instead of trying to offer every single tea in our massive catalog, we’re focusing on featuring a rotating menu of teas that excite us – newly acquired, rare, and unusual.  We love teas with a story.  We hope you enjoy them as well. 

If you are in Austin, Texas please visit us at Guan Yin Tea House at 4706 N IH 35.  We also have a YouTube channel, Tea House Ghost, where So-Han shares instruction and tips on the Chinese art of Gong Fu Cha.  You can visit us at https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCg_-d3VHLMGiM6fuGRB0FtA

Let us know if you’re looking for anything special that you don’t see on the site.  We’re always acquiring new teas and we would be happy to help you find something or source something from our farmers that we may not already offer.